Expert Litigation Support

Curt Lewis & Associates is your source for the most viable and qualified aviation experts for litigation matters. We provide expert witness testimony and consultation to aid in the investigation and reconstruction regarding accidents and mishaps and, in some instances, fire and explosion. Curt Lewis & Associates, LLC provides expertise in aviation litigation support and expert aviation testimony in any part of the world. This can include aircraft types such as general aviation, commercial, military, experiments, homebuilt aircraft, and rotorcraft. Examples of issues addressed include pilot training and performance, aeronautical judgment, aviation safety, system safety, regulatory compliance,aviation codes and standards, air traffic control procedures, product liability,product and system failure analysis, aircraft maintenance, avionics, human factors, and weather factors.

Curt Lewis & and Associates has an in house team of professional aviation experts and access to professional pilots, mechanics and dispatchers throughout the United States that are currently maintaining, flying, and involved in all aspects of aviation. We understand the diversity and uniqueness of aviation cases and will work with you on providing the most qualified professional expert and will provide you with options. Curt Lewis & Associates has a proven track record in the aviation and safety industries. Please feel free to call us and see how we can help your litigation needs.